C if Statement

The if-else statement in C is used to perform the operations based on some specific condition. The statements specified in if block are executed if and only if the given condition is true.

In this tutorial, you will learn about the if statement (including if…else and nested if..else) in C programming with the help of examples.

Different types of if statement in C language

  • If statement
  • If-else statement
  • If else-if ladder
  • Nested if

If Statement

The if statement is used to check some given condition and perform some operations depending upon the correctness of that condition.


if(boolean_expression) {
   /* statement(s) will execute if the boolean expression is true */
  • The if statement evaluates the test expression inside the parenthesis ().
  • If the test expression is evaluated to true, statements inside the body of if are executed.
  • If the test expression is evaluated to false, statements inside the body of if are not executed.


C if Statement Flowchart


int main(){    
int number=0;    
printf("Enter a number:");    
printf("%d is even number",number);    

printf("%d is odd number",number);    

return 0;  
C if Statement Example Output