PHP continue statement

The continue statement is one of the looping control keywords in PHP. It skips one iteration in the loop (rest of the statements in current iteration of loop are skipped after continue statement … Read more

PHP Break statement

The break keyword immediately ends the execution of the loop or switch structure. It ends execution of the current for, foreach, while, do-while or switch structure. If you use break inside inner loop, … Read more

PHP If Else

PHP if else statement is used to test condition. PHP If Else statements are also known as conditional statements. Types of if else in PHP if if-else if-else-if nested if … Read more

PHP do-while loop

The PHP do-while loop is guaranteed to run at least once. It executes the code at least one time always because the condition is checked after executing the code. The … Read more

PHP For Loop

Loops in PHP are used to perform a task repeatedly. PHP for loop can be used to traverse set of code for the specified number of times. It is typically … Read more