Capitalization Rules for English Grammar

Capitalization Rules for English Grammar.

We should only use capital letter for following cases.

  1. The First Letter in a Sentence
  2. Days, Months, and Holidays
    • For example
      • Monday
      • Saturday
      • January
      • December
      • Christmas
  3. The Pronoun “I”
    • The pronoun “I” is always capitalized, no matter where it falls in a line. 
    • For example
      • I’m writing my report on President Abraham Lincoln.
  4. Proper Nouns
    • Specific people, places, or things will generally be capitalized. 
    • For example
      • Names of mountains, mountain ranges, hills, and volcanoes (e.g., Mount Abu, Mount Everest, Mt. Olympus and Mount Vesuvius)
      • Cities and countries (e.g., India, Pakistan, China, Austin and Argentina)
      • Names of bodies of water, including rivers, lakes, oceans, seas, streams, and creeks (e.g., Ganges, Mississippi River and Muscogee Creek)
      • Names of buildings, monuments, bridges, and tunnels (e.g., the Statue of Liberty)
      • Street names (e.g., Oxford Street and Tagor street)
      • Schools, colleges, and universities (e.g., C.U Shah University , Harvard University and Boston College)
      • Political divisions, including continents, regions, states, counties, and towns (e.g., North India, North America and the Wayne County)
      • Nationalities and languages (e.g., Indian, French and English)
  5. Book and Movie Titles
    • For example
      • Spider-Man: Far From Home